2014 lessons, successes & memories, part 1

Indulge me while, over the next few posts, I’ll take a stroll through 2014, learn its lessons, smile at its successes and remember its most memorable moments, most of them exquisitely good but one, awfully sad…

I lost my beloved Dad a year ago, 25.1.14.  He was 89 years old.  I’m not going to tell you tales of what a wonderful man he was or how deep the loss is.  Not here, not now.  But I will explain a little of how being in Bali helped me deal with my emotions.

Harry Edward John Silvester, my Dad

Harry Edward John Silvester, my Dad at 88 yrs old eating his favourite pie and mash

You see I’ve come to a realisation… I believe there is no such thing as ‘death’.

I believe that the essence of who Dad was, the essence of who we all are, is ‘energy’.

You cannot create, nor destroy ‘energy’ but,
energy can, and does, change…
from one form to another.
In a similar way that water can become ice – can become steam.

I believe we are all ‘energy’ currently housed in flesh and bones and when our bodies returns to dust and ashes, our essence, our ‘energy’, will continue on a journey that we cannot currently comprehend.

Like one realm closing, in order for another realm to open.

I miss you Dad, in this realm, but I know you still exist in some unknowable way and I take comfort from that.  And, my oh my, what an amazing legacy of fabulous memories, love, advice, jokes and anecdotes you’ve left us with – so it is as if part of you is still here.

Thank you Dad.
1924 – 2014

Dad as a young man working in the London docks

Dad as a young man working in the London docks

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