Where I am, and why I’m here…

I left London in order to backpack around the world.  After many exciting adventures through Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia I ended up in Bali for the last 10 days of my planned trip.

However, that was some time ago and I’m still here…..

Rumah Jepun, home sweet home

Rumah Jepun, home sweet home

This is because I love everything about Ubud, which is the town I live in, and Bali as a whole.  I love the unique culture, amazing people, stunning natural beauty,  fabulous food, wonderful weather not to mention the incredible variety of things to do, learn and experience.

I also love the way that living in Bali challenges my thinking and opens up all sorts of opportunities for self-development, both externally and internally.

….a place where passion runs high
a place that can be wet and then dry
a place that you can know, and not I….

For instance, I had always thought that I had no artistic ability whatsoever but the inspiration I get from being here has resulted in a flood of poetry as well as the opportunity to have it published – yiphee! (and here is a poem just for you: ‘Smiles‘)

Also, I had never meditated in London but I do it regularly now.  In fact I even did a silent retreat for a whole day (9 hours) of silent meditation – and it was great!

So, this is just a quick overview of where I am and why I am here.  Please have a browse around the blog and maybe some of the inspiration will rub off on you…  Oh, and do come and visit regularly because I have lots of interesting stories to tell – not to mention pictures and poems as well.

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  1. annabel pribelszki

     /  28/06/2016

    Hi Julie
    Thanks for replying! I arrive on Wed 27 July then will head for Poukit Peninsula Beaches. Then I plan to work my way p through bingen, Kuta, Seminyak, on way to Ubud. Look forward to meeting you. Do you run accommodation in Ubud?

  2. annabel pribelszki

     /  22/06/2016

    Dear Julie

    I am travelling to Bali this July/August 2016 and am looking to make contact with people who are there, with a view to meeting up on arrival.

    It would be great to chat with you online.

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hi Annabel
      Thanks for contacting me and I’m happy to meet up in Ubud. Let me know when you’re here and we can arrange it then.

  3. Hi Julie
    Just a short message after our return to Holland from Ubud.
    Thank you for being able to stay in Rumah Jepun, a lovely place to stay with you As a wonderful host, and your staff , esp Gedde, who are so nice and friendly. Always a smile!
    Having stayed only for 3 weeks we enjoyed Bali so much. From Nance you already knew that. Me? I am into Bali , not to say I am to become a. Bali addict!
    Ofcourse that is als because of the interesting discussions we had about western vs Balinese culture. Thanks to both you and Yaniq!
    We’ll be back!
    Kind regards to you both and all the staff!
    Also on behalf of Nancy.

    • Thanks Eddy. It was so nice to meet you and, of course, to see Nancy again. Hope you don’t leave it too long before you come back again.
      Gede will be here tomorrow and I’ll tell him what you said – I know he will have another beaming smile.
      Our new house will be ready in less than 2 weeks – there’s been so much progress since you were here.
      Anyway, take care of each other and see you again soon.
      Julie & Yaniq

  4. Monica

     /  30/05/2013

    Hi Julie,
    Great to see how lovely your life in Bali is since that time when our paths crossed in 2009! You look so serene and love your readings and blogs. I have a friend who’s flat we rented in Lisbon who’s in Ubud at the moment (her name is Sofia) and have just sent her your details to see if your paths can cross too or if they might want to stay, should you have room..

    Would love to hear your news in another format at some point!

    Monica x

    • Hey Monica
      Lovely to hear from you and hope life is good in Lisbon and that I can meet up with your friend, Sofia. I’ll email you in the next day or two (hope you still have the same address).

  5. Hello Juile in Bali! I was once Julianna in Bali! We lived in Sanur (I haven’t looked, but I’m assuming you’re in Ubud?). I’m just dropping in to give a fond hello to that beautiful land/spirit that exists in Bali. And funny, I was just listening to a CD made by a good friend (and his students/musicians) – let me see if I can find a link: http://onedollargb.massa.netivity.nl/music-video/1144/ – enjoy!

    • Hey Julianna, thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, I’m in Ubud. Do you come back to Bali sometimes? If so, let me know and perhaps we can meet up. Thanks for the link… nice music with the gamelan too – does your friend play in Sanur?

      • I don’t know the next time I’ll be back out there – we’re Stateside until the spirit strikes us again! My friend actually runs the group One Dollar For Music (from Sanur, yes), where they sponsor and teach Indo teenagers how to play…they train some of them to go back into their villages and teach music to others…as a way to help kids express themselves, as well as to encourage their artistry (and often the kids choose to combine traditional and rock, so the sounds are tremendous). Navicula works closely with the organization, if you know them. Check out Antida’s website – they’re also very closely tied in and frequently host events with these guys. Enjoy Bali!

        • Okay, thanks for the info. I’ve heard of Navicula but not seen them play yet. And yes, I am certainly enjoying Bali, thanks.

  6. Stuart

     /  14/06/2012

    Im looking for some awesome lights for our house in Australia. If people like them, we want to start importing them. Maybe you could be our ‘girl on the ground’ in Bali??


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