Feeding a hungry tiger – with my bare hands…

Warning!  I’ve been advised that this is cruel.  However, I’ve decided not to delete this post because… if this is the extent of my ‘cruelty’ then I can live with it.

Yes, I fed raw meat to a hungry tiger, using only my bare hands… and a long stick!

The zoo-keeper (at Bali Zoo) skewered an uncooked chicken onto the end of the pole and handed it to me with strict instructions, ‘only feed the tiger from up there’.  She was pointing to the row of railings above my head but just within reach of my extended arm which held the long pole.

Feed the tiger from up there

Feed the tiger from up there

One of the 3 big cats in the enclosure padded towards me – he was on a mission.

Lunch is a serious business!

Looking half like a big, soft, cuddly toy and half like the magnificent, yet menacing, wild animal that he was, he stretched up and put his huge front paws on the metal bars – the only thing between us.

Paws for thought!

Paws for thought!

He lifted his head, opened his jaw and, effortlessly, tore the raw flesh off the stick (like sate – but not as we humans know it!).

Hmmm, a new waitress

Hmmm, a new waitress – maybe I can eat her for dessert!

Just look at him… such a beautiful big cat, with raw chicken in his mouth

Raw chicken... my favourite

Raw chicken… my favourite

The waitress loved her new temp job

That's one happy waitress

That’s one happy waitress

Doubtless pleased with his success at intimidating the new waitress, he strode to a corner to relish his lunch in peace.

Cleaning himself after lunch

Cleaning himself after lunch

More tales (including crocodile tails), from Bali Zoo will follow in future posts – so why not ‘Follow’ my blog to see me hold the crocodile in my bare hands (literally this time).  But not before you look at the other tiger pics below…

Here he is in 'thinking' mode

Here he is in ‘thinking’ mode

Time to roll over

Time to roll over



Now where’s the wife?

At home with Mr and Mrs Tiger

At home with Mr and Mrs Tiger

So beautiful

So beautiful -purrrrrrr

A big ‘Thank You’ to Nancy for taking the photos of me feeding the tiger.  Look out for more from Nancy and I (as well as elephants, monkeys, crocs, birds etc.,) in my next blog post.

Snooze time at Bali Zoo

Snooze time at Bali Zoo

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  1. Linda

     /  15/12/2015

    A little late looking at your Blog Julie, but so worth it ! Hope you are OK. Linda


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