Art performance at Goa Gajah – tomorrow

Here are some photos from the previousSharing Creating Offering Art’ event at Goa Gajah:

This one was held about 6 months ago on Tumpek Krulut – which means ‘Compassion Day’:

The 3rd ‘Sharing Creating Offering Art’ event is being held tomorrow Sat 29 Aug 2015 which is also Tumpek Krulut in the Balinese calendar.

Can you afford to miss it?

Each of these events have showcased art in different forms and I’ve been lucky to read a poem too.  And tomorrow I’ve got 10 mins to share some of my poems about Bali – at approx 4.15pm.

It starts from 11am at Goa Gajah temple and the opening will also include a new gamelan piece – the performances will go through until late afternoon (I think I will be reading at approx 4.15pm).

Whatsmore, 2 of Yaniq’s drawings will be on display, here is one of them:

'Meditating' by Yaniq

‘Meditating’ by Yaniq

Hope to see you there.


Last nights at the original Napi Orti bar

The characterful and much loved music bar, Napi Orti, in Monkey Forest Road finally closed its doors (before opening again in Jalan Jembawan).

After 11 years its time in Monkey Forest Road was up.

Napi Urti bar

Last orders at Napi Urti

Yes, there are plenty of other great music bars in Ubud, but Napi’s was unique and a personal favourite.

Photo’s of legends from Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison through to Einstein hung… mostly from the ceilings – as there was only 1 wall at Napi.

Legends on the ceiling

Legends on the ceiling

Local art, hanging palm leaf decorations, flags and a fish tank all lit up by twinkling lights.  Comfy cushions in the no shoes area, the VIP cocktail promoted by mushrooms (of course) and a golden tree not to mention a candle lit entrance – surely there’s never been a cooler bar than this.

Yaniq and Aria gave Napi Orti the thumbs up

Yaniq and Aria gave Napi Orti the thumbs up

In true style Napi Orti went out with 2 bangs!

Thurs 4 Dec was the first of two closing night parties and Yaniq jammed with Griya Faria, blending his rock guitar sound into their reggae.

Yaniq with Dedoeng's guitar

Yaniq with Dedoeng’s guitar

That first night was more like a mini festival… Kum & friends played first, then Abu’s band followed by Griya Faria who reggaed the house along with their original singer, and Napi’s owner, Made, taking control of the mic alongside Bawa

Made and Bawa in fine reggae voice

Made and Bawa in fine reggae voice

and, later on, with Kum joining in again.

Kum laughing as he sings, with Yaniq on guitar

Kum laughing as he sings, with Yaniq on guitar

On the Friday night Abu’s band rocked the final night away.

Abu's band on the final night

Abu’s band on the final night

I feel lucky and happy to have had so many great nights of fantastic live music in such a welcoming and cool atmosphere – I’m gonna miss my local bar, but at least I can still get my rock and reggae music in Laughing Buddha, LOL, CP Lounge, XL, Bamboo, Jazz Cafe and Lezat etc.,  and… of course, the new Napi Orti!

What big eyes you have

What big eyes you have Aria

Yes, Made opened a new Napi Orti bar in Jalan Jembawan and is having live music there – he’s also planning to find another even more central home for the bar in future – so watch this space about Napi Orti’s reincarnation! .

How many drummers have played in front of a fish tank

How many drummers have played in front of a fish tank

Meanwhile, here are more pics from the 2 closing night parties… were you there?

Miyoshi in the groove

Miyoshi in the groove

Marieka & Mila - cheers

Marieka & Mila – cheers

Yaniq with WayanYaniq and Wayan

Pellegrino capturing the moment

Pellegrino capturing the moment

Tea time

Tea time for Aria

You drink it Tess and I'll play it

You drink it Tess and I’ll play it


Ohhhhhh Myoshi and Jube where’s your video camera?

Happy at NapiMe and Yaniq

Dito - with a new hat

Dito – with a new cool hat

Hey what happen to your hand

Hey what happen to your hand

The other Julie

The other Julie


Cheers Made

Golden tree at Napi Orti

Golden tree at Napi Orti

View while in the queue for the loo

View while in the queue for the loo

Statue at the bottom of the steps

Statue at the bottom of the steps

VIP Cocktail

VIP Cocktail

Says it all really

One Love – says it all really


Cheers and thanks to Napi Orti!

Napi Orti

Napi Orti

Yaniq – when he played at ‘The Secret Lounge’

Yaniq used to play all his own, original, acoustic rock music songs at the Secret Lounge… tunes to make your feet dance, ballads to pluck your heart strings and songs you can hum along to.

However, this gig finished on 16 August 2014.

Yaniq - ready to rock your Sat night

Yaniq – ready to rock your Sat night

He is currently playing in the south of Bali – but hoping to play in Ubud again soon.

Click here to listen to a sample of his music: Ticket to Paradise and here for his blog:


Musical drawings in fantasy land…

Take a look at this drawing.  What do you see?

I mean, what do you really see?  Look at the small details.

'Shadows in the Mirror' by Yaniq

‘Shadows in the Mirror’ by Yaniq

Yaniq has created many drawings that warrant close attention to detail, and this is a great example of them.

The mirror image is not true at all.  The guitars face the wrong way, her clothes and the candle holders might be black – or white, the instruments might be plain – or patterned, the plant might be light – or dark.

To top it off, Yaniq’s signature and date can be found, backwards, in the mirror.

Hope you like it – please let us know if you do.

Also, please keep watching this blog because we’ll be announcing a new, live gig soon – so you’ll be able to hear Yaniq play all his own songs – without the aid of a mirror, hahaha!

Meanwhile check out his blog:

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